Power Hour: 5% cashback on every spin!

What is Power Hour?
Power Hour gives you the opportunity to earn a generous 5% cashback on all your turnover on our online slot games at Fortune Legends. That’s 1000% more than the usual 0.5% you receive back in cash which is added to your Vault.

It happens at random over the period of 1 hour, and players will receive a SMS informing them that Power Hour is about to begin.

When will I receive the cash in my Vault?
Your Vault balance will update every 10 seconds as you start to spin the reels on the online casino slots. You will be able to see your Vault balance increase. The more you wager the more cash gets added to your Vault.

Which games are Power Hour available on?
The games change on a regular basis. Keep an eye on this promotion page and look out for the SMS or Email which will tell you which games are eligible for Power Hour.